Wray Morrison: Tennessee hockey

June 5, 2017 - 9:26am

I've always had this theory that the NHL would prefer to have a Canadian team and an American team in the Stanley Cup final.

That way, TV viewers in both countries would be somewhat engaged in the championship series.

Let's face it, last season many Canadian hockey fans checked out early with no Canadian teams competing in the playoffs. The Pens/Sharks series was good, but summers are short.

This season, it's a whole new ball game with the Nashville Predators getting to the Stanley Cup final.

Television viewers from all over, including western Canada, are interested in the hockey, but are just as interested in what the fans are doing. It's a spectacle. There is no other word to describe it.

Music superstars to NFL players to average sports fans in the arena have made games in Nashville must-see TV. The state is “all in.”

No matter which team wins, having the Predators get this far is a win for the National Hockey League.