Fake oxy pills.
A powerful new drug that's said to be 100 times stronger than fentanyl is on the radar of Saskatoon police after it was seized during a recent drug bust in Calgary.
Photograph of evidence presented in court appears to show cloth binding with hair.
The Goforth trial is now in its final stages with closing arguments coming to an end.
TORONTO — "Trailer Park Boys" actress Lucy DeCoutere is fending off an onslaught from Jian Ghomeshi's defence lawyer on a series of fawning correspondence she sent...
Crane collapse in Lower Manhattan, Feb. 5, 2016.
The FDNY says one person is dead and two others are seriously injured following a crane collapse in Lower Manhattan. The accident was reported around 8:25 a.m....
Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison.
Mayors across Canada who make up the Big City Mayors' Caucus will sit down and meet with the prime minister Friday morning in Ottawa.
 Erin Neufeld says she’s tired of sub-standard city services in her bid for mayor.
We’re nine months from municipal election season and a new face is joining the race for mayor.
TOKYO — One of Japan's most active volcanos erupted spectacularly Friday evening with a fiery blast that sent lava rolling down its slope. Japan's Meteorological...
Dr. Roberta Bondar speaks with reporters following a presentation at the University of Saskatchewan on Feb. 4, 2016.
It might look easy in the movies, but we're a a long way from landing people on Mars. That was part of the message from Dr. Roberta Bondar, a Canadian astronaut who...
A 250-metre area around the site of a planned demolition of the north span of the Traffic Bridge will be off limits for part of Sunday morning.
Another chunk of the old Traffic Bridge has a date with a pile of explosives. Crews will be taking down the far north span of the bridge Sunday at 8:30 a.m.
SAN FRANCISCO — Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin says the band's Super Bowl halftime show will try to honour the past, present and future.

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