Wray Morrison: Stay classy Toronto

May 18, 2017 - 9:54am

The Toronto Blue Jays are among baseball's leaders when it comes to managerial ejections and bench clearing incidents.

Last night in the seventh inning of an interleague game against the Braves, Kevin Pillar started yelling at pitcher Jason Motte, after Motte struck him out.

The benches emptied for the first time in the game. Later it was reported Pillar is now being investigated for making a homophobic slur. To Pillar's credit, he did say it was immature and stupid on his part.

The next inning, with the score 8-3 Atlanta, Jose Bautista hit a solo home run to cut the Braves' sizable lead to 8-4.

Bautista did another bat flip, which some Braves took exception to. Bautista appeared to tell catcher Kurt Suzuki he didn't mean anything by the bat flip, but again players came pouring out of the dugouts and running in from the bullpens.

The Jays are 17 and 24 this season. With the way this team behaves, you can bet many in the United States are happy to see Canada's team struggle.