Darrell Davis: Let them cry

April 19, 2017 - 8:03am

TV commentators Charles Barkley and Nick Kypreos don't like to see athletes crying.

Barkley said he felt "uncomfortable" watching the Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas crying before an NBA playoff game. He was being comforted by a teammate. It turned out Thomas was mourning his younger sister, who died in a traffic accident.

Kypreos, after an NHL game, said the Boston Bruins' Tyler Nash was "too emotional" during a post-game interview. Nash had moist eyes and his lips were quivering, realizing he may have disappointed his teammates. Nash had retaliated with a punch after absorbing a dirty hit from Ottawa's Bobby Ryan, earning a minor penalty that led to the Senators scoring an overtime goal.

Barkley and Kypreos can say whatever they want on television. Indeed, they're paid to have strong opinions. But it's asinine to insinuate that Thomas and Nash are too emotional to play their respective sports. Watch them sometime. They play their hearts out. They care.

They play pro basketball and hockey the way they're supposed to play: With emotion.