Wray Morrison: Leaf land

April 18, 2017 - 12:12pm

A good coach brings many things to a young NHL team – and the Toronto Maple Leaf squad is benefiting from that in the 2017 playoffs.

Head coach Mike Babcock, who has won at every level in this game, has an advantage in coaching a predominantly young team.

Many Leaf players are in their formative years. Babcock, who possesses strong communication skills, knows there is a price to pay to every victory. He can relay the sacrifices that are needed to a group that hasn't experienced much playoff hockey.

Babcock can also help young players who have a short memory.

The team knows the same amount of work has to be put in whether they’re on a win streak, or in a losing skid.

What the Leafs have done against the Capitals so far is amazing to fans and media. Mike Babcock is the right man to ensure players aren't as astounded by what has taken place three games into this post season.