Wray Morrison: It's time

March 16, 2017 - 4:00pm

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman didn't hold back in Calgary earlier this week.

Bettman was asked when he'd like to see the city get a new home for the Flames and he said "yesterday.”

He also called the Saddledome, which was built in 1980, an "old, antiquated building.”

It’s the third-oldest building in the NHL. Topping that list is Madison Square Garden, built in 1968, which recently completed a $1-billion renovation in 2013.

Followed by Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, built in 1979, which is about to be replaced.

It's hard to believe the once oil-rich city of Calgary is lagging behind. A new arena, which could run as much as $400 million, is a must.

I believe that in the coming months there will be an announcement about a new facility in the foothills. But, how Calgary Sports and Entertainment achieves this goal in today’s economic climate is going to be interesting to watch.