Work doesn't stop despite cold temperatures

January 11, 2017 - 5:03pm
Mike Sholter braves the cold temperatures in Regina.
Sarah Mills /980 CJME
Mike Sholter braves the cold temperatures in Regina.

There is almost no describing the cold that has gripped Saskatchewan throughout Wednesday.

In some parts of the province temperatures hit minus 42 without the wind chill.

On the days that are bitter cold, many workers have the benefit of being inside a warm office or vehicle.

But there are some who have no choice but to be outside.

After 16 years as a letter carrier Mike Sholter is experienced at preparing for extreme cold.

"I hate it, but wear longer underwear and just layer up," Sholter said.

"You just have to keep moving, walk fast, try and keep warm, just mainly my hands and face will get cold."

Other workers do their best to avoid the cold as well.

Brett Daly at Rapid Lawn provides snow clearing for customers, most of whom have large lots so he is able to operate inside a skid steer.

But when the job is smaller Daly wants it done quickly to get in and out of the cold.

"I use a backpack blower, along the lines of a leaf blower and when in doubt, have the jacket, have the ski pants, the mitts, the boots, the whole nine yards."

Regina Police Service added that some officers remain on the downtown beat regardless of weather.

But likely those officers will be found taking respite inside buildings.

Parking meter attendants remain outside also. Staff are told to use common sense and go indoors when feeling too cold.

They are told to stay inside though when temperatures hit below minus 51.

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