What would you do with your last day on earth?

December 20, 2012 - 8:14am
Mayan calendar wikipedia image.
Mayan calendar wikipedia image.

The Mayan calendar expires on December 21, leading some to believe that tomorrow is the end of the world.

Despite the fact that everyone from NASA scientists to the Vatican have debunked this theory, and even academics who study ancient Mayan history say it simply restarts – that hasn’t stopped some people from preparing for doomsday.

There are no clues as to how it all could end - anything from a massive volcanic eruption, to a solar storm, but one thing's for sure – the general public isn't really buying it.

“I’m as worried about the end of the world as I was the Y2K bug – either way I’m going to make sure I have a lot of batteries because you can never be too safe but overall I’m not really scared no,” one man commented.

“Not at all – it’s been said back in the 80s and then in 2000, I just – I don’t believe it,” another woman noted.

Even if you don't believe it, the whole idea still brings up an interesting question. What would you do if it were your last day on earth?

We put the question to people on the streets of Regina and on the News Talk 980 Facebook page.
Derek from Regina has a plan.

“I’d probably either spend my last couple of days with my family or really close friends – or I’d probably go down to Vegas and just splurge all my money,” he said.

Elaine wrote in to tell us she would throw her diet out the window, and eat "McDonalds for breakfast, KFC for lunch, Tony Romas for supper and pizza as a bedtime snack.”

Gaylene said she would take a trip to Scotland with her family and Jason said if he believed in all this, he'd already be in Hawaii.

Arlyssa in Swift Current says her family would be her number one concern.

“Spend as much time with my daughter as possible and probably cross a few things off my bucket list,” she said.

Not surprisingly, when asked a question with such finality - family was certainly on people's minds...

Tim said he would take his wife to their favourite winter spot and enjoy some wine. Meanwhile Damien said the very last thing he would do is tell his wife he loved her.

Edited by CJME’s Adriana Christianson