Weston Dressler receiving interest from the NFL

December 4, 2013 - 3:40pm
Weston Dressler celebrates a touchdown with his teammates against Winnipeg on September 2nd
Weston Dressler celebrates a touchdown with his teammates against Winnipeg on September 2nd

CFL free agency is still a few months away, but the future of some Riders is already becoming a hot topic.

Specifically the future of receiver Weston Dressler and running back Kory Sheets in the NFL. Both were made available to the media on Wednesday after they were named CFL All-Stars. Not surprisingly, the topic of heading down south came up.

For Dressler it sounds like something is currently in the works.

"We started with those talks, hopefully by the end I'm planning on having some work-outs lined up," said Dressler. "At that point it's just waiting on the work-out."

Dressler isn't allowed to speak about which NFL teams he could be working out with in the coming weeks, but he did indicate that there are a few different teams that have expressed different levels of interest.

"There's a few that just seem like talks, and a few that seem very interested," he said.

It's hard to say where this could go for Dressler, but he's certainly not closing any doors when it comes to his options in the NFL or the CFL. One thing is for sure, he'll be in Regina the entire off-season trying to figure out his future.

The picture down south isn't as clear for Sheets, as he hasn't really heard anything just yet.

"Not that I know," he said. "I haven't talked to my agent, I've been real busy just trying to pack up the house and make sure everything is finalized before I left."

Sheets understands it's a bit of a waiting game this time of year as a number of teams are still focused on making a run to the playoffs and perhaps the Super Bowl. So for now, he'll wait.

Sheets does remain clear that if he comes back to the CFL he wants to remain in green and white.

"That's never going to change, nobody have (sic) to worry, if I return back to the CFL, I will be a Roughrider," said Sheets.

Sheets was also asked about potentially being left unprotected in the upcoming Ottawa expansion draft.  As a free agentm if he was selected by Ottawa, would he would talk to them?

"Not at all," said Sheets with a laugh. "I'm a Roughrider through and through. You don't have to worry about me talking to another team."

Like the players, we'll also have to wait and see what their future brings.