U of R cheerleading team to compete in international championships

December 17, 2012 - 6:44am
University of Regina Cougars
University of Regina Cougars

Hard work is now paying off for the University of Regina Cougars Cheerleading team.

After finishing in first place in the Small Co-Ed Division at the Canadian National University Cheerleading Championships in early December, the team has now been invited to Orlando, Florida to compete in the International Cheer Union World University Cheerleading Championship.

The 27-member team is the only one from Canada that will compete at the world championship.

“It’s amazing to have the University of Regina to be involved in such a high caliber competition, one that brings a great attention,” said Head Coach Thomas Rath. “To represent Canada from a smaller community is pretty amazing and I think we’re all very elated and honoured to do something like that for our province, our school and our country.”

Rath notes that competition will be very stiff, with teams from across the globe including ones from the United States, Asia and Australia.

“I know we’ll stack up fairly well, but I think our goal out of this is to grow as a program,” he said.

Rath says cheerleading has really grown in Regina in the last number of years, and adds  the sport has transitioned towards more of the stunt-aspect.

The team will be practicing hard between now and when they head down to Orlando on January 17. The competition runs January 18-20.