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Ticks out in full force in Regina

Reported by Joel Gasson
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As many Saskatchewanians found out this long weekend, there are a lot of ticks out there.

Diana Bye was one of those dealing with them. She recently took her dog to Wascana View where he spent a lot of time running around in the bush.

"He had burs all over him," said Bye.

"I looked because I thought there might be some ticks in there, but I didn't see any, not one."

The next day, her dog had an appointment at the groomers. The groomer asked if he had any ticks, Bye said she didn't think so.

"When I went back to pick him up, she said, ‘Oh no, I found 39 ticks on him,’" said Bye.

"After I picked him up and the entire next day, I was picking off ticks."

Bye took her dog to the veterinarian that same day to pick up some medication.

"She said there's lots of ticks out there right now," said Bye.

"It's actually the worst it's been in a very long time."

Shawn Sherwood with Poulin's Pest Control says it’s because we have had a reasonably dry spring after an easy winter.

“The winter mortality was very low," said Sherwood.

"(They’re) out in huge numbers this year. People are really complaining about them,” said Sherwood.

Sherwood adds that the odds of getting bit in the city are fairly low, especially in the downtown cores, but he says there is still always a slight chance.

He explains the best way to remove them.

"My theory has always been just to grab a hold of it as tight to the skin as you can and pull them out," said Sherwood.

"They will climb as high as they can to get engorged."

Sherwood tries to dissuade people from spraying chemicals to kill them.

"All you're going to do is kill the ticks that are in your yard, plus any other insects that might be there and some of them might be beneficial," said Sherwood.

"Within 24 hours the ticks from neighbouring yards are just going to move in, and you wouldn't of accomplished anything."

Some tips Sherwood has for keeping them off your property include keeping your lawn fairly short. For additional tips on how to avoid ticks, click here.

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Edited by CJME's Karen Brownlee