Snowbound in the RM of Corman Park

March 22, 2013 - 2:24pm
Snow drifts across highways in SK March 21 2013. JackFM facebook page
Snow drifts across highways in SK March 21 2013. JackFM facebook page

Several residents in the RM of Corman Park are snowed in for the third day in a row.

"We can get out of the house, but it's the RM roadways that are blocked, it's not a pretty sight," said Deputy Reeve John Germs.

He lives about 5 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon and has been using a snowmobile to get around.

"Snowmobiles are pretty well the only means of transportation out here right now," he said.

"A lot of peole in the area have snowmobiles and we'd be happy to assist anybody in need of help."

Germs has been riding around the area, taking a look at how bad it really is.

"I've inspected some of the intersections and within a mile from my farm I have seen three of them covered with snow," he said.

That's the story for many roads in the area, leaving some vehicles stranded.

"People coming home from work couldn't make it any further, they got stuck so people from town came to pick them up," said Germs.

"I've counted at least six vehicles within two miles of the farm here."

Germs expects a lot of the roads to be blocked for a few more days, even though crews are working long hours throughout the weekend to clear them.

"Normally when we get a snowstorm it's the soft snow that we can just punch through, but with the snow being so hard that's a big challenge," he said.

"It's going to be a challenge, it's going to require some heavy equipment in some areas."

Thankfully, events like this don't come around too often.

"I've lived here for 46 years and have never seen it this bad," said Germs.

"Slowly but surely we'll get through it, but this is one spring we'll be talking about for years."

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