SIGA chair wants to see changes in decision making

September 14, 2011 - 1:58pm
File Photo/News Talk Radio
File Photo/News Talk Radio

The chair of Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) Kirk Goodtrack is calling for change in the way the decisions are made.

Back in July, he faced a non-confidence vote similar to FSIN grand chief Guy Lonechild. The board based it on what they called a conflict of interest. They said the lawyer had to drop certain legal cases or resign.

When he refused, they had the vote. Goodtrack said his relationship with the FSIN chief, his goal of tightening up the spending of board members, were also factors.
After the non-confidence vote Goodtrack went to court. A judge threw out the vote and ordered SIGA to reinstate him.

Now technically back in the role, he says there's one major thing that needs to change.

“My board is comprised of – a large number of them are politicians – they are tribal chiefs, we have to separate politics from business,” said Goodtrack. “it’s something that is a common issue throughout Canada and that’ something we have to do.”

While he has talked to the executive director, Goodtrack said he's heard nothing from SIGA's board.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad.