Search continues for stolen race car

July 2, 2014 - 6:26am Updated: July 3, 2014 - 12:34pm
 The "Scat Rat" race car has been in the Heroux family for over 30 years. Photo from Twitter @Devin_Heroux.
The "Scat Rat" race car has been in the Heroux family for over 30 years. Photo from Twitter @Devin_Heroux.

Friends of the Heroux family spent their Canada Day searching an area just outside Saskatoon for pieces of a stolen race car.

On Saturday night a person broke into Lazer Autobody in Saskatoon and stole the "Scat Rat", a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass race car.

"It's really, really upsetting. I haven't slept for two days," Lazer Autobody and "Scat Rat" owner Bob Heroux said.

"It is so sad. I've had this car for over 32 years and its been part of our family."

Heroux explained that the alleged thief was caught on the autobody's security camera. Along with family members and friends, Heroux then approached businesses along 11th Street to watch their security footage and track the movement of the stolen vehicle.

"(RCMP) found the trailer at Vanscoy," he said.

"That's where they feel that they switched the car into a different trailer."

Heroux then reached out to the public to see if anyone had noticed the distinctive purple car with a rat logo on the side. A railway worker said that he had spotted it in a yard Sunday morning near Grandora, about 23 kilometres west of Saskatoon.

"We feel that is where the car was stripped," Heroux said, adding they only found pieces of the car at the site.

"I found the roll bar, the complete roll cage out of the car, which meant they had to cut the roof off the car to get the assembly out. Then we found the slicks, we found pieces of property out of the trailer."

RCMP worked alongside the family until late Monday night but Heroux said they decided to continue the search at the site on Tuesday.

"We are doing an aerial flyer where we suspect the rest of the car body is and parts," he said.

"There is a whole bunch of people on quads and on foot combing the area where we found some of the parts."

Heroux said that it's likely pieces could be hidden or buried in the area but he wants the public to keep an eye out for parts that may already be up for sale.

"If anyone is approached or hears of someone buying a 572 GM cratage, that engine is brand new... It was just put in a week and a half ago," he said, adding it costs around $20,000 and is likely the reason for the theft.

"Keep an eye out for the purple colour. It has it's own mark and the big rat on the side. Anything that resembles that purple a piece, a fender, just keep an eye out for purple pieces."

Heroux said he will continue to search for the car even knowing that it has been disassembled.

"I have to find the car even if its in pieces or whatever shape its in. I just want to find it," he said.

"From where I want to go after that I don't know."

Heroux is offering a $10,000 reward if the car is returned.

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