Saskatoon woman loves all things Christmas

December 18, 2012 - 9:57am
June Cherry on her balcony in Saskatoon. Trelle Burdeniuk/ News Talk Radio.
June Cherry on her balcony in Saskatoon. Trelle Burdeniuk/ News Talk Radio.

With a Christmas tree on her balcony and Christmas decorations all over her living room, June Cherry admits this time of year holds a special place in her heart.

"Some people think that I still believe in Santa Claus," she laughed.

For Cherry, it isn't just the bright decorations that make her happy, but all the memories of Christmas time with her family.

"It was a family day and all the family was together and we all had fun together. We all had laughs and jokes."

Cherry said she also loves the sweet side of Christmas and there's always been some mouthwatering must-haves in her family.

"I like the Irish Christmas cake, gingerbread ... and tarts. Those were the three most traditional things that we had to have at Christmastime."

Her mother was English and her father Irish and Cherry said the Christmas cake came from a family recipe.

"It was an Irish recipe that I inherited."

Another Christmas memory that takes her back to her childhood is the Christmas her sister got a Shirley Temple doll they both loved to play with.

"That was a special doll," she said. "Her eyes closed and ... I think just the name was enough for me."

Now Cherry enjoys spending Christmas with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren - many who live in Saskatchewan. She said the "family togetherness" is what makes this season special.

"I just enjoy wintertime as much as summertime," she said, smiling.
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June Cherry and her husband Wilfred, courtesy of Karen Grunerud (L), and (R) an undated photo of June Cherry (at right), courtesy of June Cherry.