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PHOTOS: Weather records broken across Sask.

Maple Creek shatters records Wednesday, Saskatoon broke 1906 record Thursday
Reported by News Talk Radio staff
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That warm air we're feeling in Saskatchewan is coming from California and pushing temperatures in our province into double digits and breaking old weather records in Saskatchewan, and for once it's not for cold weather.

Saskatoon already broke its record high temperature on Thursday.

At its peak the Bridge City reached 6C. The old record of 5C has stood since 1906.

Maple Creek shatters records

Maple Creek hit an all-time weather high of 16 C Wednesday shattering a previous record of 8.8 C.

Mayor Barry Rudd told News Talk Radio even if they did have a normal amount of snowfall the town’s new dike would likely combat spring flooding.

“Hopefully it doesn’t happen for another fifty years or so but we want to be in a position where we know it’s not going to happen,” said Rudd.

Environment Canada says more than 10 communities broke weather records Wednesday including the city of Regina hitting 4.8 C, breaking the previous 4.4 C record. Saskatoon didn’t break a record but did see a pleasant 5.2 C.

As for Maple Creek, they're already at 11.1 C, passing their high of 8 C and on their way to breaking another record it was 11. 6 C back in 2001.

While you’re sending thank you cards to California, send condolence cards to Florida as they're getting arctic air and the Gainesville, Jacksonville and Tallahasse area dipped to between -5 C and -8 C Wednesday.

Maple Creek wasn't the only hot spot. Leader hit 12. 4 C Wednesday, way over its record of 5.2 C and Coronach was at 10.7 C its previous record was 7.5 C.

Sporting ups and downs

It's bad news for skaters and hockey players, with the hot sun in Regina turning outdoor skating rinks into somewhat solid puddles.

Charmaine Newfeld with the Queen City said they've had little luck keeping the ice maintained, even with delayed openings.

"We're not flooding, obviously at this point, so we're still cleaning them and people are using them but we can't flood them because it's just too warm in the day for them to freeze," she said.

But it's not bad news for everyone, depending on what sports you're into; Dane Stennes for one has been getting a lot more time in on his bike.

"It's a lot harder when there's more snow and ice," he said.

"It's more enjoyable of course when the sun's shining. Like today, it's gorgeous out."

One thing people agree on is to treat this weather as a blip in the radar, with Saskatchewan winter able to turn at any time.

Weather swapping

Saskatchewan seems to have traded weather with Florida this winter; while our ice and snow are melting, they're experiencing a relative deep freeze in the United States' tropical appendage.

Nina lives in Tallahasee where the temperature is down at -1C.

"There was none on mine because I have a garage, but there was frost on other peoples' cars," she said.

It's the second day in a row there that frost has clung to cars and orange trees.

With files from Samantha Maciag, Natalie Geddes and David Kirton.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad and Jared Knoll.

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