Sask. minority groups fearful following Oslo massacre

July 26, 2011 - 6:15am
Canadian Press
Canadian Press

The recent massacre in Norway is having far-reaching effects on minority groups around the world.

Anders Breivik confessed to killing 76 people during a hate-fuelled terrorist plot targeting pro-immigration political parties.

Ahmed Shoker, a member of the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, is worried about Muslims in Europe -- especially with anti-immigration movements gaining strength in places like Norway.

“I think it will take us maybe a week or two to start to really be more analytical and see what does this mean to us in the future,” said Shoker.

While Shoker is struggling to comprehend what he calls a heineous crime, he prays that there will be no violent retaliation by extremists, saying that would only re-victimize the Muslim community.

Shoker says Muslim communities both in Saskatchewan and around the world are concentrating on the victims.

He says he's not concerned that an anti-immigration movement will spread to Canada, but admits it would be naïve to completely rule it out.

Edited by News Talk Radio’s Chris Morin