Roughriders fans lash out against team

August 6, 2011 - 6:35am
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The only team without a win was able to topple the Saskatchewan Roughriders Friday night.

The B.C. Lions took the 24-11 victory, and fans online aren't too happy.

At Riders Fan dot com, Bingo_Arms is calling out Hugh Charles, saying "he has shown me nothing that makes me think he can be an every down back."

Rock Preston #1 is just as disappointed, simply put "Charles is junk."

Nook is pointing to the offense as a whole, citing "the most 'vanilla' offense I've ever seen."

JohnDryden thinks the Riders lost the "imagination" against Montreal, and became "less effective" in yesterday's loss.

The loss also ruined SaskaRich's night, tweeting "time to turn the TV off and cry myself to sleep..."

Edited by News Talk Radio's Chris Morin.