Regina Water Watch launches referendum ad campaign

September 9, 2013 - 2:09pm
Screen capture of a Regina Water Watch ad. Video via YouTube.
Screen capture of a Regina Water Watch ad. Video via YouTube.

The group that attempted to trigger a referendum on the city's plan to build a new waste water treatment plant is launching it's own concentrated ad campaign.

Today Regina Water Watch (RWW), a group made up of concerned citizens, environmentalists, and CUPE members and executives, launched television and radio ads aimed at convincing Reginans to vote yes in the upcoming referendum.

“These ads let the public know that it’s important to keep Regina’s entire water system public,” Jim Holmes, Regina Water Watch's chair, explained in a news release. “We can’t compete with the city’s spending of public dollars, but at least we’ll get an alternative view out there.”

The ads feature Saskatchewan actor Eric Peterson, best known for his role as Oscar in the acclaimed comedy series Corner Gas.

The group collected some 24,000 signatures on a petition earlier this year, aiming to trigger a referendum on the construction of a new sewage treatment plant. RWW opposes City Council's decision to use a public/private partnership to fund the construction of the $224 million project, arguing that it will be more expensive in the long run for taxpayers.

The lobbying effort follows previously-revealed campaigns by the local Chamber of Commerce and the city itself to encourage voters to vote no on Sept. 25. The city budgeted $340,000 to it's "vote no" campaign.