RCMP show off new Tactical Armoured Vehicles for Sask

November 5, 2012 - 12:56pm
RCMP Tactical Armoured Vehicle at Depot Division November 5 2012. Adriana Christianson/CJME
RCMP Tactical Armoured Vehicle at Depot Division November 5 2012. Adriana Christianson/CJME

You definitely couldn't hide this cop car behind a bush because it's built like an army tank.

On Monday the Saskatchewan RCMP unveiled one of two Tactical Armoured Vehicles for the province, part of a national fleet of 18.

Assistant Commissioner Russ Mirasty described the significance of having these specially designed vehicles compared to the smaller armoured SUVs currently in use.

“It puts us ahead quite frankly because many police services across the country wouldn’t have this type of vehicle,” he commented, noting that it is not a first for the province's city police forces but it will help in more remote areas.

Mirasty says the vehicles will be helpful in high threat situations involving hostages and armed stand-offs because officers will be able to get closer and still have cover.

“It increases our ability to respond to these types of situations, we talk about the safety of our members, but it’s also about the safety of the public,” he said.

Due to their all-terrain capabilities they could also be useful in search and rescue operations.

“Just from it’s size, it’s clearance it can go places where normal type of vehicles like a suburban would never be able to go,” Mirasty explained.

The TAVs are built to withstand explosions and come complete with protected observation stations with adjustable suspension and infrared light to see in the dark. At least that’s what the RCMP can tell us up front, Mirasty said some of the other equipment will be kept secret so that the information can’t be used against officers.

The two TAVs in the province will be based in Regina to cover the southern part of the province and Prince Albert for the northern region.

The total cost for the national fleet of 18 vehicles was just over $14 million contracted by Navistar Defence Canada. Part of the funding for the two Saskatchewan vehicles was provided by the provincial government.

RCMP Tactical Armoured Vehicle