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Saskatoon city clerk deals with privacy issues: Atchison

Privacy commissioner issues reprimand
Reported by Noah Wernikowski
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Saskatchewan's privacy commissioner believes the City of Saskatoon is denying access to public information without a justified reason but the mayor disagrees.

Gary Dickson says the three cases mentioned in a series of reports show a trend.

“This suggests a systemic issue or problem that I think warrants some attention by the mayor who is the head under the local authority Freedom of Information Privacy Act,” said Dickson.

But Mayor Don Atchison believes it's the other way around.

“The privacy commissioner I don’t think really understands the rules and regulations,” said Atchison.

Atchison points out the city clerk deals with the commissioner relating to privacy issues, and that mayor and council aren't aware of what they discuss.

Dickson hopes that the city will re-evaluate how they deal with information requests.

He adds that his office hasn't ever issued one of these reports on the City of Regina.

Atchison points out that the City of Saskatoon was recently recognized as the best in Canada at releasing information

To view the reports click HERE.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Chris Morin and Karin Yeske.