Possible relief for farmers affected by blizzard

May 4, 2011 - 4:55pm

Cattle farmers hit by the weekend blizzard should be able to get coverage under the province's disaster program. There have been reports of some ranchers that have lost as many as 100 animals because of the sudden storm. Corrections, Public Safety, and policing minister Yogi Huyghebaert says the province's disaster response program does cover uninsured losses, and that extends to animals. “This is covered under PDAP all along, It just that hasn’t been really exercised before, or if it has it’s been really limited,” said Huyghebaert. Huyghebaert says local municipalities have to declare an emergency before farmers can apply. Farmers will have to make sure to keep track of their losses and recommends photos, as well as notes on the date, time and location where the storm struck.