Occupy Regina stays put

November 12, 2011 - 6:33am Updated: November 12, 2011 - 5:11pm
Sabeen Ahmad/News Talk Radio
Sabeen Ahmad/News Talk Radio

The time came and went Saturday morning and Occupy Regina stayed in place.

They were served notice earlier in the week by the City stating they were in violation of by-laws surrounding being in a public park overnight.

The occupants had until 8 a.m. Saturday to vacate the park according to the notice but they remained with tents pitched. As of about 8:45 a.m. there had been no sign of police who were expected to begin ticketing the protestors instead of making arrests.

Protestor Adam Thornton said they weren't really expecting enforcement to come in until Monday.

"According to the press release City Hall issued, they weren't necessarily talking about sending in bylaw enforcement in here until Monday," said Thornton. "So we're going to have to stand here at least until Monday."

As for possibly being ticketed, Thornton said it is something they are expecting.

"The tickets are something we have been expecting, they're something that we almost require in order to make a Charter challenge out of these human rights violations that have been blatanly taken here ," he said.

He added the protestors had been moving parts of their infrastructure off-site to be ready for when police do arrive.

Thus far the protestors have said they are willing to stay and have legal counsel in case they do get arrested.

Saskatoon plans to rally

Meanwhile, Occupy Saskatoon will be rallying at 2 p.m., on Saturday, at Friendship Park - the original site of where Occupy Saskatoon set up camp.

The group is expected to march from Friendship Park to Gabriel Dumont Park, where they are currently camping.

Along the way, they plan on making stops at the Sask Party Office and City Hall.

This story continues to develop...

With files from News Talk Radio's Zahir Muslun

Edited by News Talk Radio’s Sabeen Ahmad.