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Occupy Regina protesters prepare for winter

Plan to make quinzees and igloos
Reported by Natalie Geddes
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While the Occupy movement is getting ready to move out of Saskatoon, those in Regina are getting ready for the winter.

As the protesters hold a meeting, they stand in a circle and pass around a stick to those who want to talk. They are forming committees to deal with winterization.

Billy Patterson says their camp in Victoria Park is going strong. Patterson is on a committee planning to insulate tents.

“We are hoping to make quinzees and igloos but there’s kind of the intermediary part before it’s constantly minus 10 that we can do that,” said Patterson.

“Anonymous donors show up every day. So far, the entire three weeks that we’ve been here we have had enough food to feed everybody.”

He says they, like Occupy Saskatoon, have homeless people in their camp. But he's encouraged to hear what knowledge they have about surviving the cold weather.

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Edited by News Talk Radio's Karin Yeske.