No hockey to fuel Kenaston draft for charities

December 19, 2012 - 6:44am
NHL file photo. Canadian Press
NHL file photo. Canadian Press

Hockey fans aren’t the only ones losing out in the lockout.

Charities will not be receiving significant dollars this year because there is no hockey to fuel fantasy drafts.

“As it gets closer and closer there’s not enough time to organize a regular season draft if by chance they did anything,” said Terri Seiben, manager of the Kenaston Super Draft.

What began in 1984 as a fundraiser for the Village of Kenaston to fund new recreational facilities has turned into one of the largest fantasy pool drafts in Canada.

Seiben said although they may not be able to gather funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation or Canadian Blood Services, they still plan to hand out school bursaries and provide some funds for the local hockey program, the Kenaston Blizzards.

“We went through this in 2004, but besides one or two years, we’ve still been able to give (to charity) the other years,” said Seiben.

“The NHL isn’t going anywhere so we know this will happen again.”

Since 1984, the super draft has donated $3.5 million to charity and although they are saddened by the fact they won’t be making a significant donation this year, Seiben said the biggest losers are the fans who manage the fantasy teams.

“Honestly, because it is a game and not a lottery… our clients are missing it,” said Seiben.

Last year the super draft donated $10,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation and $5,000 to Canadian Blood Services.

Seiben said in the past they’ve tried to hold drafts for other sports like baseball and the Olympics, but it just didn’t pan out as well as an NHL draft did.

“We’re looking at no regular season draft but if they get their CBA worked out we would look to have a playoff draft,” said Seiben.

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