Lumsden NHL player holding out hope for a season

October 19, 2012 - 5:28pm
Tanner Glass.  Photo by Cannucks Hockey Blog via wikicommons.
Tanner Glass. Photo by Cannucks Hockey Blog via wikicommons.

As more games are cancelled due to the NHL lockout, fans and players are left in limbo.

For Lumsden-native Tanner Glass, he is holding it out in Vancouver, training and staying in shape in the hope that a deal can be reached and the season can begin.  The Pittsberg Penguins left winger admitted that the back and forth of negotiations is tiring, especially after the latest offer from the player's union was shot down.

"We thought it would at least warrant more consideration than 10 minutes, so that was extremely frustrating that it was pretty much a resounding 'no' without taking time to look at it."  Glass believes the contract talks will end up back at a 50/50 contract, but he is adamant that it needs to work for everyone.

"When you look at a contract that was signed in good faith, and one that you expect to be honoured, you expect to get the full dollar value of that contract."

Glass said, along with some fellow players, he has set a deadline in his mind for how long to hold out hope for a hockey season.  If the lockout lasts until the end of November, he will begin looking to play somewhere overseas.

"But that being said, there's not a lot of jobs over there.  It'll be tough."

Edited by CJME's Courtney Mintenko.