Local offended by prayer at Saskatoon municipal event

April 23, 2012 - 7:29am
Saskatoon City Hall. Fan Yee Suen/News Talk Radio
Saskatoon City Hall. Fan Yee Suen/News Talk Radio

A Christian prayer by Saskatoon councillor Randy Donauer has one man very upset following last week's volunteer appreciation banquet.

Ashu Solo says it was extremely inappropriate, offensive and discriminatory to have a prayer at a government event.

"It violates the separation of religion and government for there to be a Christian prayer at a municipal government event," he commented.

In response, Mayor Don Atchison thinks there is a way to accomodate everybody.

"If people are offended by something being a Christian prayer, I don't see why we couldn't have a different prayer from different faith groups in the community every year at our event," he said.

Solo disagrees, saying the seperation of religion and government is essential to make sure everyone is happy because there are far too many religions to account for.

He is demanding an apology from both Mayor Atchison and Counciller Donauer, along with a promise they won't mix religion into government events again.

Edited by News Talk Radio staff