Exploring every restaurant in downtown Saskatoon

March 28, 2013 - 1:29pm
A BLT and wild mushroom soup at Caffe Sola in Saskatoon. Courtesy of Lunchography.com
A BLT and wild mushroom soup at Caffe Sola in Saskatoon. Courtesy of Lunchography.com

Three guys are eating their way through downtown Saskatoon.

The mission is simple. They must will eat at every establishment downtown and document their experience on their blog Lunchography.

Taylor Ross, Ezra LaLonde and Tyler Hinz came up with the idea when they were deciding where to eat lunch one day. The trio started in February and they are booked until October.

"We kind of came up with the idea that it would be fun to scour the entire downtown and hit every single place so if anybody ever asked you if you had been to this place downtown, you could say with proof, that you had been there," said Ross.

They had to lay some ground rules to establish what would constitute a restaurant. It was decided that if the place had a spot to sit and was open for lunch, it would count. They've included 7-Eleven and Galaxy cinemas in their hunt for delicious food. All three of the core group must also be present.

"You hear of a lot of people downtown that have this wealth of lunch destinations in front of them but they tend to eat at the same places every day," said Ross.

"You can have this great variety downtown. There are all sorts of dishes and all sorts of different countries represented."

They set our each work day to eat at a different place but Thursdays are an exception. There they indulge at a pre-Lunchography favourite, the Golden Pagoda, for Burmese curry.

"Thursdays are sacred to us. That's our one allowance that we give ourselves," said Ross, adding they aren't trying to be food critics. They are trying to show how diverse Saskatoon's downtown lunch scene is, and encourage others to branch out from their routines.

"We just found out the other day that city hospital has two cafeterias. We went there to do that one but as it turns out, there was another one so net gain that day," he laughed.

There are a few places Ross and the gang didn't even know served food including Museo at the Mendel Art Gallery and Caffe Solla on 23rd Street.

If they finish every place in downtown, they might expand their boundaries to include other restaurants.


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