Conference looks to make Saskatoon health excellence centre

November 6, 2013 - 8:45am
File photo courtesy Adrian Clark.
File photo courtesy Adrian Clark.

The 2020 Health Visions Conference Series in Saskatoon will look to make Saskatoon a centre of health excellence.

The conference has brought in international and local experts from the business community and health sector.

"We've got a great conference lined up that's a partnership between our business community, the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, the University of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatoon Health Region," said CEO of MD Ambulance Dave Dutchak.

Dutchak is also the co-chair of the Health Opportunities Committee with the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.  He said that the conference comes from a similar series that was held from 2000 to 2005.

"All looking at opportunities of creating revenue generation strategies in our health care sector," he said.

"We just got the groups back together and talked about the strengths that we have in our health care sector. With the costs that is around 44 cents of the dollar that we spend on health why aren't we taking advantage of developing and inventing new devices and systems and processes and then look at some of those and sell them to other places across the world."

Dutchak said that Saskatoon already has a strong research and innovation community using Dr. Ivar Mendez and his Doctor in a Box technology as an example. The conference will hope to add connections to that community and the business community.

"We have got those really strong components and that along with clinical services within our health care system and our business community coming together," he said.

"Lets invent. Lets dreamscape and come up with opportunities of creating revenue generation for the people that are into the system that really will translate into better patient care both here and other places in the world."

He said that certainly there are challenges but the conference is looking at long term planning.

"The conference was always labeled and developed as a 2020 vision... We might have some hurdles now, some issues that we have to deal with collectively, but we have so many strengths and so many successes," he said.

"That when we connect the dots together as a team Saskatoon, team Saskatchewan -- we develop those visions and those dreams for the year 2020. It's not about the short haul here."

The conference runs all day Wednesday at the Western Development Museum.

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