City of Saskatoon snow removal budget still available

November 13, 2012 - 12:56pm
Private snow clearing equipment at work in Prince Albert. paNOW file photo
Private snow clearing equipment at work in Prince Albert. paNOW file photo

So far, the City of Saskatoon still has money in the 2012 snow-removal budget, but it may not last long.

The budget only allows for four snowfalls of more than five centimetres and there has already been two of those major snow dumps in the city in November.

"Right now, we're within budget, but we still have seven weeks of winter to go before December 31," said Pat Hyde, public works branch manager with the city.

Hyde said the city's snow and ice budget is $5.7 million with an additional $1.88 million for road sanding/salting.

He said he was unsure how much of that was spent during Saskatoon's two November snowfalls.

But, if the snow keeps falling, the city will keep clearing it, no matter what the cost.

"If we sustain more snow than what the budget permits, then we end up going over budget. We can't say no, we can't clear the snow," Hyde said.

Fortunately for the budget, there were no significant snowfalls in January through March of 2012

For residential streets not on a bus route, Hyde said the street must have six inch ruts all the way down the block before the city will consider clearing it.

The city's snow fleet includes 16 graders, seven loaders, nine high-speed plow trucks, six under-slung plow trucks, nine sidewalk plows and access to 22-25 contractor graders.

For more information on Saskatoon's snow and ice program, visit or call 975-2491.

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