Calgary radio host apologizes for death comments about Riders

November 8, 2012 - 10:03am
Radio file photo. Adriana Christianson/CJME
Radio file photo. Adriana Christianson/CJME

A Calgary radio sports host is taking major heat for comments he made on the air about Rider players.

Dean "Boomer" Molberg on ‘SportsNet 960 The Fan’ radio in Calgary was wrapping up a conversation on the upcoming western semi-final when he said he wanted the plane carrying the Riders players to crash and four players to die.

Thursday morning on his usual morning show Molberg apologised on air. The two and a half minute statement appeared to be unscripted and is transcribed word for word in full below.

"I want to talk about, to touch on something I said yesterday regarding the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I want to explain first and I am not defending it because is not defendable but I want to just lay my cards on the table.

We do a lot of things on the show that are, it's schtick, it's a gimmick we do it to get under the skin of fans and all of that.

Rhett, Walks, both are Rider fans by design - I go the other way. And ordinarily when we have Rod Peterson on he gets the Stamps fans going, I go on Regina radio I'll get them going, it is that sort of thing because we both appreciate the rivalry that exists. It is better when the fans are involved and the rivalry that exists between these two teams is a great one. Again I am not defending it, but that's where this started.

And I made a comment yesterday that had no place being on the radio, it was not thought out, it was an attempt to be funny which clearly in hindsight was ill-founded. There are a lot of people angry and they have a right to be. There are a lot of people insulted and they have a right to be.

It goes without saying that I wish no harm to members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and I shouldn't have to say it you know but I do because I came out and said the stupid and idiotic thing that I said yesterday. We sit in here and you talk for four hours and so much stuff comes out - and again I am not defending it.

 It came out yesterday and I felt bad immediately and I said geez I shouldn't have said that and as the day went along it was like that was really in poor taste. And hey I am getting your Tweets, I am getting your emails, I know you are upset and like I say you have a right to be. I feel really badly about it, I am gutted by it, I am rattled by it today this is, I am not Howard Stern shock jock, we do some things here to try and have some fun and get the fans and the listeners invested.

And what I did yesterday was stupid and I apologise. I hope you don't stop listening, I hope you don't look at me in a different light because that's not me. It was, like I say, the end of a segment an attempt at being funny and it was an awful attempt at trying to be funny. And it won't happen again."

The original comments have outraged many fans both in Saskatchewan on the online forum and on the station's website and Facebook page in Calgary.

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