The Brent Loucks Show - Show Notes for 2017-06-16

June 16, 2017

6:10 – Brent shares what's coming up on the show this morning.
6:40 – Wray joins Brent to chat about a few of today's top stories.
6:50 – On Saturday motorcycles will rev their engines to raise funds for the fight against prostate cancer – the most commonly diagnosed men’s cancer in Canada. Rob Thompson joins Brent to chat about the Saskatoon TELUS Motorcycle Ride For Dad.
7:10 – The  CRTC is putting an end to locked cellphones and unlocking fees! What does this mean for the average Canadian? Kris Abel, tech expert for Metro News, joins Brent.
7:40 – Jay Thomas joins Brent with an update on traffic around Saskatoon.
7:50 – The Three Wisemen – Brent, John & Wray get together for their daily chat about the latest topics.
8:10 – The Saskatchewan Roughriders will take on the BC Lions tonight in their final pre season game! Glen Suitor, TSN football analyst and member of The Green Zone, joins Brent and Wray.