The Brent Loucks Show - Show Notes for 2017-03-20

March 20, 2017

6:10 – Brent shares what's coming up on the show this morning.
6:20 – Rock 'n roll legend Chuck Berry has passed away.
6:40 – Gerald joins Brent to talk about some of the biggest news stories of the day.
6:50 – Wray joins Brent to chat about a few of today's top sports stories.
7:10 – The story or the song? It's time for CKOM’s Talk Star or Rock Star!
7:40 – Jay Thomas joins Brent with the latest on traffic around Saskatoon.
7:50 – The Three Wisemen – Brent, John & Wray get together for their daily chat about the latest topics.
8:10 – Traditionally, finance ministers wear shoes that symbolise what the budget stands for. This year there's a deficit to contend with and the threat of wage cuts and job losses. So what exactly should Kevin Doherty have on his feet? CKOM's Sarah Mills shared some ideas with him.