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MP Trost questions iron clad party discipline in Harper Gov't

The Saskatoon-Humboldt Conservative says Canadian politics should be more heated
Reported by Justin Blackwell
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Saskatoon-Humboldt Conservative MP Brad Trost has some questions for the Harper Government, and he isn't afraid to voice his opinion.

Trost questioned the 'iron clad' party discipline in Ottawa in a recent commentary on News Talk Radio, noting how one of the aspects of international politics is how often political parties disagree.

"Canadian governance and politics would be improved if political parties concentrated on debating policy and creating ideas," he said.

"If everyone in a party thinks the same on every issue, not a lot of thinking is going on.

Trost cited that other western democracies such as the United States and Britain are well ahead of Canada when it comes to heating up debates.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Jared Knoll.