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David Kirton

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David Kirton

David Kirton is a lifetime resident of Saskatoon – he grew up on the west side – and is passionate about the city he loves and the people in it.

In Saskatoon, if he is not walking the news hounds, Owen and Phil, on the radio with News Talk 650 CKOM, or practicing archery, he is volunteering in the community as a trustee with Saskatoon native Ministry and Sisters Voices; two ecumenical organizations working to enlighten non-indigenous people about indigenous issues and successes. 

David loves the news, but that not all he watches. Currently he is a bit obsessed with Homeland and the Walking Dead. He is the proud grandfather of a couple of grandkids – who get mentioned on the show from time to time. David is Michif.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

This week we remember Tyrone Tootoosis,   The actor - the advocate - the story keeper who died on Sunday, February 12th.

We also look at the decision by an Ontario judge who ruled in favour of the 60's Scoop survivors who had been fighting a long, bitter battle with the federal government. How will this class action lawsuit victory affect Saskatchewan 60's Scoop survivors?


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Our hearts go out to family and friends of actor, advocate, story collector, and powwow organizer Tyrone Tootoosis who passed away February 12th at his ranch near Duck Lake. Tyrone was passionate about carrying on the Cree traditions and oral... //Read More

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