Commenting Rules

News Talk 650 CKOM is happy to provide a forum for commenting and discussion. Please respect and abide by the house rules: Keep it clean, keep it civil, keep it truthful, stay on topic, be responsible, share your knowledge, and please suggest removal of comments that violate these standards

What is and isn’t acceptable?

  • Please keep your submissions relevant to the topic. 
  • When you are writing about legal issues, remember that people are innocent until proven guilty (that may mean using words such as "allegedly")
  • It's acceptable to fairly criticize, it is not acceptable to personally attack someone.

Things to always avoid

  • We want to hear your own opinion – avoid reposting lengthy excerpts from someone else
  • Racist, sexist and offensive language.
  • Personal attacks and defamatory statements.
  • Breaking copyright rules (that includes copying and pasting excerpts from other sites without permission and attribution).
  • Violating someone’s privacy.
  • Threats or suggesting committing a criminal act.
  • Insensitive comments regarding the death or injury of private individuals, especially children.
  • Posting your message in ALL CAPS (this makes it difficult to read and in online speak is considered yelling).
  • Posting press releases and commercial promotions.

How are comments moderated?

Comments are moderated. This means that they will be read by a moderator and will be removed if they violate our submission guidelines. All published comments are subject to moderation.

What if I see a comment I don’t like?

If you think a comment violates our guidelines, please respond.

If you feel someone has broken the guidelines, email us at and indicate the problem. We will investigate.