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Accidents and disasters

Bus hits truck on Mexico highway; 36 reported dead

Bus hits parked truck and burst into flame along Mexico highway; 36 reported dead
The Associated Press

VERACRUZ, Mexico - A passenger bus slammed into a broken-down truck and burst into flames, killing at least 36 people Sunday in southern Mexico, the Veracruz state government reported.

Both state and federal officials said that four people survived the crash, which occurred shortly after midnight in the southeastern state of Veracruz.

NTSB: No evidence of pre-impact fire in bus crash

NTSB: No crash-scene evidence found that truck was on fire before deadly California bus crash
Fenit Nirappil, The Associated Press

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Federal investigators said Sunday that they haven't found physical evidence confirming a witness' claim that a FedEx truck was on fire before it slammed into a bus carrying high school students, killing 10 people in Northern California.

NTSB: Claim about truck fire still uncorroborated

NTSB can't corroborate driver's claim that truck was on fire before deadly bus crash
Fenit Nirappil And Joan Lowy, The Associated Press

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Federal investigators could not corroborate on Saturday a driver's claim that a FedEx tractor-trailer was already on fire when it careened across a freeway median, sideswiped her car and slammed into a bus carrying high school students, killing 10 people in a fiery wreck.

Mag-7.6 quake, waves strike Solomon Islands

Magnitude-7.6 quake, waves strike Solomon Islands; no reports of damage, injuries
Nick Perry, The Associated Press

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A powerful magnitude-7.6 earthquake triggered large waves in the Solomon Islands on Sunday, and authorities were trying to determine if there was any serious damage or injuries.

Government spokesman George Herming said people throughout the Pacific island chain awoke to the strong quake at 7:14 a.m. He said that people on Makira and nearby islands southeast of the capital, Honiara, reported seeing three large waves after the quake.

Director Raoul Peck shoots new quake film in Haiti

Director Raoul Peck begins production on earthquake drama in Haiti
Trenton Daniel, The Associated Press

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Haiti's most respected filmmaker began production on a new film in Haiti this week, making perhaps the first feature to dramatize how people faced the topsy-turvy days and weeks after the 2010 earthquake.

France-based Raoul Peck's latest film, "Murder in Pacot," uses a traditional stranger-comes-to-town plot line to examine how the quake upended Haiti's strongly divided class system.

A year after bombing, Boston and its people heal

In the course of a year, Boston and its people find that time heals some wounds
Denise Lavoie And Paige Sutherland, The Associated Press

BOSTON - Every time Roseann Sdoia comes home, she must climb 18 steps — six stairs into the building, 12 more to her apartment. It is an old building in Boston's North End, with doors that are big and heavy, not an easy place for an amputee to live.

When she left the hospital, a month after the Boston Marathon bombing, she had a choice: She could find another place to live, one more suitable for someone who wears a prosthetic that replaces most of her right leg. Or, she could stay.

With no new signals, Aussie PM sees long jet hunt

With no new signals and black box batteries dying, Aussie PM says jet hunt will take long time
Margie Mason, The Associated Press

PERTH, Australia - With no new underwater signals detected, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Saturday that the massive search for the missing Malaysian jet would likely continue "for a long time," with electronic transmissions from the plane's black boxes fading fast.

Dreams dashed in fatal college tour bus crash

Dreams of low-income students dashed in college tour bus crash that killed 10, injured dozens
Fenit Nirappil And Martha Mendoza, The Associated Press

ORLAND, Calif. - It was a busload of opportunity: young, low-income, motivated students, destined to become the first in their families to go to college, journeying from the concrete sprawl of Los Angeles to a remote redwood campus 650 miles north.

Those dreams shattered for some Thursday in an explosive freeway collision that left 10 dead — students, chaperones and both drivers — and dozens hospitalized.

Recently engaged LA couple among bus crash dead

Family: Los Angeles couple recently engaged in Paris among the 10 dead in California bus crash
Andrew Dalton, The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - A Los Angeles man and the woman he had proposed to in Paris at Christmas were among the 10 dead in the crash of a bus that was taking high school students to his alma mater in Northern California, his grandmother said Friday.

Michael Myvett, 29, and fiancee Mattison Haywood were serving as chaperones on the bus that was travelling from Southern California to Humboldt State University when it was hit by a FedEx tractor-trailer and exploded into flames.

Searchers confident signals are from missing jet

Australian PM says searchers confident signals are from missing plane
Rob Griffith and Kristen Gelineau, The Associated Press

PERTH, Australia - Authorities are confident that signals detected deep in the Indian Ocean are from the missing Malaysian jet's black boxes, Australia's prime minister said Friday, raising hopes they are near solving one of aviation's most perplexing mysteries.

Tony Abbott told reporters in Shanghai that crews hunting for Flight 370 have zeroed in on a more targeted area in their search for the source of the sounds, first heard on Saturday.

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