Darrell Davis: Put Rose in the Hall!

June 16, 2017 - 10:04am

Pete Rose should be in baseball's Hall of Fame.

But the sport's most accomplished player may have struck out in his final bid for enshrinement.

Rose's latest eligibility request was denied because of a 26-year-old rule that states: " … anyone deemed permanently ineligible by Major League Baseball, including Pete Rose, may not be considered for election to the Baseball Hall of Fame.''

Change that rule! Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker are in the Hall of Fame; both were implicated in game-fixing schemes. Cap Anson wouldn't play if the opposing team fielded a black player. Gaylord Perry confessed to cheating by throwing spitballs. There are alcoholics, drug users, womanizers and criminals in the hall.

Rose is banned for betting on baseball. Maybe he's a gambling addict; that shouldn't preclude him from enshrinement. In 24 seasons with all-star games and World Series, has any pro athlete played in front of more ticket-buying customers? And his 4,256 hits are 67 more than Cobb's.

Rose is a Hall of Famer.