Jamie Nye: Advice for the new guy

June 16, 2017 - 8:38am

As cool as it sounds to be the commissioner of the CFL, it is usually a thankless job that doesn't last that long.

We close the book on the two-year tenure of Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge in the CFL, which allows us to imagine if we were king and if we had the power, no CFL commissioner has ever been given to actually make great progress in the league.

Here is some advice to the new person in charge.

Don't listen to the coaches when it comes to video review and coaches challenges. Listen to the fans. We are suffering through lengthy delays and have had enough of the ever expanding review rules.

Expand the league to 10 teams. Something needs to happen to be able to have a true coast-to-coast league in the CFL and a team in Halifax would be spectacular.

The schedule can be bumped up a bit. The Grey Cup should be handed out before Remembrance Day, not a month before Christmas.

And finally, refresh your resume and keep it handy for the next job to come your way. Being commissioner of the CFL doesn't appear to be a long term commitment.