Jamie Nye: eSports will be in the Olympics, I won't like it

April 19, 2017 - 8:00am

This is truly a sign of the apocalypse.

Or maybe I'm overstating it, but at the Asian Games in 2022, eSports will be full-fledged medal, ahem, sport.

Just what are eSports, if you don't know, video games.

That's the competition. Video games, or gaming or as they would like to be known as eSports will have demonstration sport status in the 2018 Asian Games. But in 2022, they will have full status as a – nope, I'm not calling it a sport.

But we shouldn't be too dismissive. The Olympics could be next and if that day comes, their motto of "faster, higher, stronger" will become a farce, if it's not already.

I get eSports is a thing and it's got a tremendous following but c’mon, full-fledged medal status?


Will hot dog eating and chili cook-offs be next? How about this? Naps. Then at least I'll have a chance at being an Olympian.