Darrell Davis: NHL playoffs are perfect

April 18, 2017 - 7:35am

Hey, NHL governors: Don't even think about changing your playoff format!

Remember all the naysayers who were criticizing how the teams were positioned? They were offended that Washington, Pittsburgh, Columbus and the New York Rangers were among the NHL's top four teams during the regular season, so it wasn't fair for them to meet early in the post-season. And how wrong was it for Chicago and Minnesota to be on a beeline for each other in the second round?

Well, Chicago and Minnesota might not even make it through the first round. Pittsburgh is dominating Columbus, so the Blue Jackets are showing they're not really contenders. New York is struggling against Montreal and Washington might not survive against Toronto.

The first-round matchups have been outstanding. And the second-round could be better! The playoff format puts the focus on divisional rivalries and still ensures the best teams will advance. Exactly how it should be.