Jamie Nye: A recommendation to CFL rules committee

March 20, 2017 - 7:08am

The CFL rules committee is hunkering down in a boardroom in Saskatchewan over the next two days.

The last three years they've continued to advance technologies impact on the game by allowing first pass interference to be reviewed. Then last year another cluster of penalties were added to the list of things coaches could review in the league.

Fans weren't impressed.

So now what? Do they roll back the clock and do away with some fouls? I don't think the coaches will actually want to give up the power to throw a flag at different penalties. In fact, I bet they want more.

But how about this: how about we leave things alone for a season and see how things play out in Year 2.

The CFL continues to change rules every year and every year those changes don't look good. Last year they changed the review policy midseason.

So why not just leave it the same? Let the officials off the hook with reading another revised rule book.

Maybe some consistency in the rule book will help lead to consistency among the people in stripes.