Saskatoon trainer encourages New Year's resolutioners to stick to their goals

January 9, 2017 - 8:12am
Fitness trainer Brandon Wicks drags a sled at his boot camp on Jan. 8, 2017.
JT Marshall/CKOM News
Fitness trainer Brandon Wicks drags a sled at his boot camp on Jan. 8, 2017.

The New-Year's resolutioners have once again descended on the city's gyms.
"I found a lot of people have been emailing us," said Brandon Wicks with Rise Strength Lab. "They want promotional rates and what we can offer them."
Wicks is also a personal trainer and has been around for the Jan. 1 jump at gyms, only to see it fall off towards the end of the month.
"You have to make it a lifestyle," he said. "You need to ask yourself why you started in the first place and always think about that."
Tenille Lafontaine is doing the couch-to-5K program, which is a nine-week running program designed to guide just about anyone to be able to run five kilometers.
"I don't have any specific goals, but just do better and do more," she said. "I'm not going to the gym because I'm terrified, but the treadmill is working well."
Lafontaine said she's no fitness guru by any means.
"I've never run before, period," she joked. "You want to cry and hate life, but it's been a great program."
Wicks said a lot of people quit because they don't have a motivator.
"That's why I encourage people to join fitness classes or find a fitness buddy," he said. "You can motivate each other towards crushing goals."
Lafontaine said she doesn't plan on going back to Netflix and pizza.
"We'll see what my resolution is for 2018 at that point," she joked.