Wray Morrison: Shooting for victory

January 5, 2017 - 11:23am

Less than a month ago, after watching the MLS final between Toronto FC and Seattle, I stated that penalty kicks were no way to decide a championship.

The exact same thought came to me as I watched the Americans and Russia decide which nation was going to the World Junior Championship gold medal game by a shootout.

The stakes are too high to decide a winner with a penalty shot.

I realize I am reviving an age-old hockey debate; however, give me four on four or three on three hockey until there is a winner in big games.

I've learned to live with the NHL's regular season shootouts. To their credit, the National Hockey League has never discussed introducing shootouts in the NHL's marathon post season.

Call me a purist, old fashioned, even out of touch – I've been called worse – but big games in team sports should be decided by teams, not a shooter and a goal keeper.